Project Life Baby Mini Album: Labor and Birth

Project Life Layouts

This is a spread of the brag book I made for my baby using Project Life mini album and Project Life Kit Baby Edition for Her.  This covers my labor, delivery and birth. Labor and delivery. project-life-baby-brag-book-013   The card on the top right is from the Project Life Kit Baby Edition for Her.  It says, “BORN August 13, 2013, Year of the Water Snake at 3:09 pm by emergency Caesarean section after failed vacuum extraction at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida. Length: 20 1/4″ Head: 13 3/4″ 7 lbs 12 oz APGAR Score: 9/10”project-life-baby-brag-book-014     These pictures are when they first showed me the baby after the surgery. project-life-baby-brag-book-015   The bottom right photo is from the portrait session by the hospital photographer at 1 day old.  I used it here instead because it seemed apt.

Show and Tell Time

Do you have a photo of the spreads of your Project Life baby mini album?  Please share a link in the comments below.
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