Project Life Baby Brag Book Part 2

Project Life Layouts

This is Part 2 of the Project Life baby brag book. See Part 1 and Part 3. I did 3 (near) identical brag books to give as gifts to the grandparents. I am currently working on a bigger baby album for myself as well. These spreads document the first days with the baby.  These first ones are the portraits that the hospital photographer shot of her on her 1st day. I didn’t really round the corners of most of the photos except for the ones that have the Project Life cards behind them. project-life-baby-brag-book-024project-life-baby-brag-book-022 project-life-baby-brag-book-023 project-life-baby-brag-book-025 project-life-baby-brag-book-026 project-life-baby-brag-book-027 project-life-baby-brag-book-028 project-life-baby-brag-book-029 Bringing home baby: first days at home. project-life-baby-brag-book-030 We got the footprints at the brunch for newborns at the hospital.  I have the original and I just copied it on plain white paper using my printer, then cut it out in the shape of the foot. project-life-baby-brag-book-031 project-life-baby-brag-book-032 I didn’t really take a lot of photos of her (which I regret) until week 3 when I started feeling a little bit better from the delivery.  I just remember being really tired and not getting enough sleep the first 2 weeks. project-life-baby-brag-book-033 project-life-baby-brag-book-034 project-life-baby-brag-book-035 project-life-baby-brag-book-036 project-life-baby-brag-book-037  project-life-baby-brag-book-038 See Part 1 and Part 3.
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