Cedar Lodge Baptist Church, Thomasville, North Carolina wedding


Just came back from a Thomasville, North Carolina wedding. This is the first wedding coming into the very busy 2008 wedding season. The wedding ceremony and reception was held in Cedar Lodge Baptist Church .  It was a beautiful day, but very cold.  I lost my voice in the middle of the wedding, even though I wasn’t speaking much. Cedar Lodge Baptist Church Here is a bridesmaid getting her hair fixed. Fixing wedding hair Here is the gorgeous bride. Bridal Portrait The motif of the wedding was this really beautiful blue color. Blue shoes Let’s not forget about the groom. Groom smiling A shot from the back of the church. Church altar A shot of the groom and bride praying. Bride and Groom praying The table setting was just beautiful. Reception table The bride threw the bouquet but the wind was so strong that it pretty much didn’t go anywhere. Bridal Bouquet throw More photos coming up very soon.
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