4 Practical Guidelines to Manage Your Shipping Online

//4 Practical Guidelines to Manage Your Shipping Online

4 Practical Guidelines to Manage Your Shipping Online

It takes a lot of effort to run an e-commerce business. There are many tips business owners can leverage to take their e-commerce websites to the next level. But, one thing that can help them achieve that quickly is streamlining their shipping process. But shipping is a daunting task. It can get complicated and messy. The tasks can be repetitive and boring. Some of those time-consuming and tedious tasks include manually keying in client addresses and printing individual shipping labels to dispatch customers’ orders. But with these tips, shipping shouldn’t be hard and complicated anymore.

a)   Leverage your multi-carrier shipping solutions to identify carriers that offer free shipping supplies

One of the most common aspects that worry customers is packaging. Packaging can add up any e-commerce business’ shipping costs. That why it’s a good idea to find carriers that offer free shipping supplies. For example, carriers like UPS, FedEx and USPS provide free packaging from boxes to envelopes. They also provide Styrofoam packaging to ship breakables.

b)   State your return policy clearly to manage your shipping online effectively

A lot of things can happen after delivering products to customers. The items may not fit, they may not be of the quality anticipated by the customer, or they may be scratched a bit. And so, customers may request a return. State your return policy clearly so that customers know what steps to take to initiate a return. Let them also know the situations that can warrant a return.

c)    Use stickers to print shipping labels on when using e-commerce shipping software

Sticker labels are the best when shipping your products. For efficient and fast shipping, plaster them on your package without trimming them to size. An excellent way to print the labels is to utilize a thermal label printer.

d)   To manage your shipping online without issues, let customers know your shipping costs in advance

Customers feel good when they know exactly what they are going to pay when shipping their products. In fact, statics show that 56% of customers abandon their shopping carts because of getting unexpected shipping costs during the checkout process. So place your shipping costs in a strategic location on your e-commerce website.


Other ways to manage your shipping online correctly include creating return labels, using scan forms for large orders and offering gifts along with the products being shipped. Doing a little something extra for your customers during shipping can make a big difference for your e-commerce website. So implement these tips and see your shipping become a lot less difficult.

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